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New Orleans Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Over the past three decades, the team at Martzell & Bickford has been representing both individuals, as well as attorneys and judges in legal malpractice claims. We represent individuals who have been represented by an attorney who has acted negligently, as well as defending attorneys and judges facing claims involving ethical breaches of the rules of professional conduct and the code of judicial conduct. We have a proven track record handling legal malpractice disputes and will work diligently on your behalf.

If you have questions or are involved in a dispute, please contact our New Orleans legal malpractice lawyers at 504-662-1230 or 800-672-0104, today. Initial consultations are free of charge.

Legal And Judicial Disciplinary Defense

If you have had a complaint filed against you with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel or the Judicial Commission, the experienced lawyers at our firm protect your rights and defend you. We are familiar with the investigation process that is conducted and will walk you through each of the steps. Cooperation during the investigation is essential, as failing to cooperate could lead to additional charges. Over the past three decades we have been successful in defending lawyers and judges facing charges, and will take immediate action in building a defense for your case.

Legal Malpractice — Representing Individuals

If you have been represented by an attorney who has acted negligently and caused damages to be suffered, you may be able to pursue a legal malpractice claim. Negligent acts can involve situations where a lawyer has compromised the integrity of your case and prevented you from getting the justice that you deserved. This can happen in situations where a lawyer does not file appropriate documentation, deadlines have been missed or sufficient evidence has not been presented to prove your case. If you believe you have been misrepresented, talk to Martzell & Bickford to discuss your case. We will deliver the level of quality representation you are seeking.

Contact Our Louisiana Attorney Negligence Litigators

Please contact the lawyers at Martzell & Bickford to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also reach us by phone at 504-662-1230 or toll free at 800-672-0104. We are here to help and get you through the challenges associated with an injury or complicated legal issue. Off-site appointments are available to those who are too injured to come into our office. We are conveniently located in the Warehouse District.

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