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Oil & Gas/Environment

For over twenty five years, Martzell & Bickford has successfully represented both governmental entities and individual landowners with mineral interests in their claims against various energy companies for environmental damages caused to their lands. The firm has also represented thousands of holders of royalty and overriding royalty interests for underpayment and/or miscalculation of royalties due to them by various drilling and production companies.

In the course of these representations, Martzell & Bickford has utilized numerous experts to test soil and wetlands for environmental contaminants, developed grids and maps of these areas to pinpoint the environmental damages, compiled pricing data to prove underpayment of royalties due, and secured proper payment of future royalties.

Since 2000, Martzell and Bickford has successfully negotiated several multimillion dollar settlements with a major oil companies on behalf of clients whose land had been severely damaged by drilling and pipeline canals. We have also settled several other large matters. In many cases these settlements also included an obligation on behalf of this company to restore the lands that the company had been damaged.

Recovery for environmental damages and disputed royalty claims implicates both state and federal law and requires creative approaches to application of these laws. Martzell & Bickford has developed significant experience in both settling and litigating these claims and aggressively pursues all available remedies on behalf of its clients.

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