Opioid Abuse May Start in the Family Medicine Cabinet

Possession of Controlled Substances in New Orleans

A new study has found that opioid addiction may start in the family medicine cabinet. According to research conducted by a postgraduate fellow of Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, while the 1% risk is small, taken in context with the number of opioids that are increasingly being prescribed across the nation, you’ve got a…

New Supplement to Cure Opioid Addiction May Be Too Good to Be True

Pharmacy in New Orleans

Opioid addiction has been on the rise in America. From 2010-2016, insurance companies reported that the number of patients addicted to opioids increased by 493%. With such a mind-blowing increase, it’s unfortunate that a good number of addicts will not receive appropriate treatment for their addiction, which in some cases has led to loss of…

Five Important Facts About America’s Opioid Crisis

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America’s opioid addiction epidemic is one of the worst emergencies we have faced in modern history. The crisis has affected almost every aspect of our society. Hospitals are constantly treating overdose victims. Law enforcement officers are being exposed to ultra-powerful opioids while conducting searches and arrests. Families are being forced to watch their loved ones…

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