California Lags in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction

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The opioid epidemic continues to rage across rural California, but the California Department of Justice has not yet certified a database that could stop doctors from overprescribing opioids. This lag has angered consumers and law enforcement groups who argue that the California Department of Justice is stopping efforts to prevent opioid abuse. The database is…

Opioid Epidemic Cost U.S $1 Trillion and is Expected to Rise

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A report by Altarum examined the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s mortality data through June of 2017. The report concluded that the opioid epidemic plaguing the U.S. has cost the country more than a trillion dollars since 2001 and may increase by another $500 billion over the next three years. According to Altarum,…

Louisiana Lawsuit Could Pose A Major Threat To Opioid Manufacturers

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The Huffington Post reported that the opioid epidemic plaguing the nation isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Officials in government and victims of the epidemic are attempting to bring legal action against opioid manufacturers. The national headlines are currently focused on an ongoing federal lawsuit in Ohio. A small parish filing in Louisiana, however, has…

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