Why Was Another Student Arrested for Terrorizing?

Internet Crimes in New Orleans

Another school shooting has captured national headlines and stirred a national debate that will continue for years to come. Here in Louisiana, law enforcement not only braces for potential copy cat crimes, but from the increase in terroristic threats that usually follow events like this. However, many young people don’t realize the gravity making a…

How Can Criminal Accusations Affect Student Athletes?

Criminal Law

Do you know who Robert Kelley is? A former running back for Tulane, Kelley now plays for the Washington Redskins and is an accomplished player in the National Football League. However, did you know his NFL career almost ended before it began? Here’s the story of how one criminal accusation almost ruined a hard-earned athletic…

Could that Call from Jail Break Your Attorney-Client Confidentiality?

Arrest for Gun Possession in Louisiana

Here in the United States, everyone has the right to attorney-client confidentiality. Did you know that some phone conversations may not fall under that protection? Here in Louisiana, some jails have figured out a way around attorney-client confidentiality. And if you aren’t careful, you could find your own words used against you in the court…

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