3 Common Defense Strategies to Fight a Drug Possession Charge

Picture of Being Arrested in New Orleans

Louisiana’s drug possession penalties vary depending on how a drug is classified under federal law, the amount of the drug found and prior offenses. However, any drug possession conviction can cause severe consequences. The goal of a drug possession attorney is to get your charges dropped or reduced to something less serious. Here are three…

Louisiana Split-Jury Rule Abolished in November Election

Picture of vote stickers

Last month, Louisiana voters amended Article 1, Section 17 of the Louisiana Constitution when they voted to abolish the split-jury rule. Prior to the election, Louisiana was one of two states that did not require a unanimous jury verdict in noncapital criminal cases. The split-jury rule only requires 10 of 12 jurors in a 12-person…

Could New Orleans Prosecutors Be Hiding Evidence?


Just a few weeks ago, a state judge made a startling claim against New Orleans prosecutors. She accused the prosecutor’s office of hiding evidence-grand jury testimonies-from the defense in a case. Such an accusation has serious implications. Could this behavior change the way criminal prosecutions are handled in the future? Is Hiding Evidence a Common…

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