How a DUI Could Affect Your College Career

Drinking and Driving Arrest in New Orleans

Unfortunately, a DUI charge in Louisiana could affect a student’s college career in more ways than one. In addition to sentencing requirements, you could also face future implications. Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities A single DUI charge should not affect a student’s eligibility for federal financial aid. However, an extra charge, such as a drug-related…

When Can a Law Enforcement Officer Search My Car Without a Warrant?

Criminal Law

In Louisiana, there are many ways in which an officer can legally search your vehicle without a warrant: Your consent: Unless other reasons outlined below apply, an officer must have your voluntary consent to search the vehicle. You have the right to refuse an officer from searching your car. Keep in mind, unlocking the doors…

What a DWI Or PI Could Mean for You This Labor Day Weekend

Criminal Law

Labor Day Weekend in NOLA brings in hundreds of thousands of people each year from all over the United States. With free concerts around the city, college football kicking off, and the annual, four-day Southern Decadence Festival in the French Quarter (which is estimated to bring in over 200,000 people alone), Labor Day Weekend in…

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