Have You Been Arrested for Drug Distribution?

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At Martzell, Bickford & Centola, we understand just how formidable the situation can be when you are facing drug distribution charges. For decades, our New Orleans drug trafficking lawyers have worked with hundreds of clients dealing with drug crimes of all types. If you need help defending yourself or a loved one against drug trafficking charges, then contact us right away.

In some cases, even possessing small amounts of a drug can lead to serious drug trafficking charges. If convicted, you can face serious limitations to your freedom. For example, not only do you face possible jail time and monetary fines, but also roadblocks to future employment, housing options and government programs like education grants and food stamps. If you have been arrested for drug distribution in Louisiana, contact our New Orleans drug trafficking lawyer now to start working on your defense.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), drug trafficking charges can be brought against an individual that partakes in an illicit trade that involves distribution, cultivation, manufacture and sale of a controlled substance that are subject to drug prohibition laws. In Louisiana, some substances that are a part of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substance Law (UCDSL) includes:

  • LSD: Lysergic acid diethylamide, commonly known as acid or LSD, is a mainstream hallucinogenic drug. This substance is deemed unsafe for consumption and has no medical purpose.  
  • Opioids: These schedule ii controlled substances are so prevalent that they have become the cause of a national crisis. Anyone convicted of heroin trafficking or distribution of other illegal opioids like oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, fentanyl or vicodin faces stiff penalties.
  • Ecstasy: Methylenedioxymethamphetamine is a highly addictive and sometimes deadly drug. It is commonly referred to as Molly, MDMA or E.
  • Marijuana: Cannabis laws seem to be ever-changing in Louisiana. According to a September 25th, 2018 article from The Advocate, one of the first state medical marijuana clinics will open in October 2018 in Lafayette. However, marijuana is still treated as a controlled substance statewide and even medical marijuana users can face drug trafficking charges.
  • Recovery Drugs: Law enforcement officers and emergency medical teams use buprenorphine-based drugs (like Suboxone) and naloxone-based drugs (like Narcan) every day to save lives from overdoses. Unfortunately, many people also use them recreationally. Since this is the case, unlawful distribution or trafficking of these substances is as serious as possession of any other controlled substance.
  • Crack/Cocaine: These stimulants are highly addictive. Any cocaine trafficking or distribution of cocaine-based drugs is unlawful and can result in stiff penalties and/or jail time.
  • Methamphetamines, Amphetamines and Methylphenidates: Psychostimulant drugs are one of the leading causes of overdoses among teens and young adults. Brand-name drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Desoxyn, Vyvanse, Procentra, Methalin and Dexedrine contain psychostimulants.

How to Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge

In general, prosecutors will rely on specific tactics to try and persuade the court that you are guilty. An experienced New Orleans drug trafficking lawyer will know reliable legal strategies that can protect your best interests. Some ways our New Orleans drug defense law firm mitigate risk in your defense involve challenging:

  • Automobile Searches: In the state of Louisiana, you cannot search a person’s car unless they either give consent, there is a reasonable suspicion that a crime has taken place or drugs are seen in plain sight – also known as the “plain sight doctrine.” To defend these charges, a good New Orleans drug trafficking lawyer will challenge the officer’s right to search your vehicle in the first place.  
  • Plain Smell Doctrine: If an officer is present at a home or performs a traffic stop and can smell the odor of a drug — like marijuana, for example — police may be able to search the vehicle or the house without a warrant. However, an officer must be legally present in some circumstances. For instance, if an officer is illegally present at your home and smells a narcotic, you can legally challenge the authorities’ right to search your home.
  • Home Search Warrants: If law enforcement shows up at your home, they must have a search warrant in order to enter without your permission. However, even a court ordered search warrant can be challenged. For example, if the search warrant is improperly executed, evidence against you can be deemed inadmissible as a result. Furthermore, if law enforcement unconstitutionally obtains a search warrant, evidence against you can be dismissed.

Facing Drug Charges? Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Have you been arrested for drug trafficking in New Orleans? Even the smallest details of a criminal case involving drug charges can change your life. For example, one wrong word to the authorities can turn a ticket-able offense into a felony with years in jailtime. Our firm examines all the details of your arrest to ensure any searches or seizures were conducted properly. If necessary, we can use pretrial diversion programs — such as drug rehabilitation — in an effort to dismiss or reduce charges.  

If you have been charged with a drug distribution offense, you need a New Orleans drug trafficking lawyer who will fight for you and help you get on with your life. Contact our firm online or call our office at (504) 581-9065 now to schedule a free consultation.

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