Criminal Law

Martzell, Bickford, & Centola has been defending clients charged with criminal offenses for more than 30 years. These criminal charges range from misdemeanor offenses to state felony charges and even federal crimes. Our team of criminal defense attorneys are the best at what they do as they approach each criminal case with the sensitivity and seriousness that our clients truly deserve. We have zealously represented our clients through the different aspects of a criminal proceeding.

Understanding Criminal Defense Laws

Individuals who are accused of committing a crime are given equal protection under the law. This equal protection is based on the premise that an individual is innocent of the criminal charges leveled against him unless otherwise proven in a court of his peers. Criminal defense laws, therefore, are legal protection for individuals who are accused of committing a crime.

Because the United States strictly follow the adversarial system, it is therefore up to the opposing parties to create a more compelling story behind the facts to a certain crime. The point in the adversarial system is for both parties to present evidence: one will support the allegations that the crime was indeed committed by the defendant and the other rejects these allegations by providing other pieces of evidence that directly contradict such allegations.

Establishing the Truth

The role of the criminal defense lawyer, as does the prosecutor, is to offer an entirely different viewpoint of the circumstances surrounding the fact. For example, while the fact remains that the defendant killed the victim, the circumstances surrounding this fact can be woven into a more compelling story that reflects the truth of the crime. While it is true that the defendant may have killed the victim, it might also be that it was an act of self-defense, without which the defendant would have been the victim in the event.

In a criminal case, no one is disputing the fact. Both the prosecution and the criminal defense team will use the fact as anchor for their arguments. What differentiates a truly seasoned and highly skilled criminal defense attorney from a mediocre one will be his ability to create a very truthful story on the circumstances surrounding the fact. In a way, the compelling story must be based on the truthful and factual foundation of the evidence. Additionally, the story must have the ability to gain the judge’s or the jury’s sympathy. And lastly, the defendant’s story must be adequately explained and proven as factual events.

How Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

It is for this reason that if you are being charged of a criminal conduct, then our criminal defense attorneys at the Martzell, Bickford, & Centola Law Firm can help you create a compelling and truthful story based on your version of what actually transpired during the crime. It is therefore crucial that you divulge everything you know to our criminal defense lawyers so they will have a better understanding of the different circumstances that led to the commission of the crime. All the information that you will provide our lawyers will be kept in utmost confidentiality as our criminal defense lawyers will use these information to build a defense for your case.

However, it is important to understand that our criminal defense lawyers cannot promise you a favorable decision simply because making promises is largely unethical.

Regardless, you can count on our team of criminal defense lawyers at Martzell, Bickford, & Centola to exert all their best efforts in finding the truth to your case. Here, we will fervently look for inherent flaws in the theories of the prosecution. We will also exert all our efforts to find credible witnesses to back up your version of the truth.

We will look for reputable and highly credible professionals to stand as expert witnesses to your case. In short, you can expect our team of criminal defense lawyers at the Martzell, Bickford, & Centola Law Firm to do everything in their power to achieve a more preferred outcome.

Of course, some criminal cases are not decided in the courtroom. A great number of criminal cases can be negotiated in out-of-court meetings. During these plea negotiations, you can expect our team of criminal defense lawyers to champion these negotiations to defend your rights and represent your interests.

We have been defending individuals who have been accused of the following crimes:

Some Types of Criminal Defense Strategies Our Team of Lawyers Use

There are a variety of defense strategies that our team of criminal defense attorneys at the Martzell, Bickford, & Centola Law Firm use. It is important to understand that each criminal case will require a different approach to defend. It is for this reason that we need to be able to work closely with our clients so that our team of criminal defense lawyers can come up with the best defense specific to the case. These can include the following:

Give Our Criminal Defense Lawyers a Call, Now

District attorneys hold substantial leverage over defendants. As such, many defendants end up relinquishing their legal rights and often enter into plea bargains that they will regret for many years to come. You don’t have to suffer the same fate as other defendants. With our criminal defense lawyers at the Martzell, Bickford, & Centola Law Firm we will make sure to tip the balance so prosecutors will not be able to dictate your life. You can expect our lawyers to defend you with all the legal competencies that we have at our disposal. And although we cannot promise you an acquittal, we can nevertheless guarantee that we will do everything legally possible to achieve a preferred outcome.