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Mesothelioma Lawsuit

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with mesothelioma, we strongly recommend that you contact our team of experienced, Louisiana-licensed asbestos attorneys. Our dedicated team of Louisiana-licensed asbestos attorney can maximize the recovery you deserve while navigating Louisiana’s complex legal system based on the Napoleonic Code.

At Martzell, Bickford & Centola, your mesothelioma lawsuit will never be part of a class action. Every mesothelioma case is unique and every one of our mesothelioma clients receive the individual attention they deserve.

The Mesothelioma & Asbestos Lawsuit Process

Step 1. Free Attorney Consultation - Before we file a lawsuit, you will meet with one of our asbestos lawyers (not a paralegal or other “intake professional” like most asbestos firms). During this free consultation, we will explain various parts of the lawsuit process, review your diagnosis, and undertake a thorough review of your medical, employment and exposure history.

Through decades of experience helping Louisiana mesothelioma victims with Louisiana-based asbestos exposures, we know the right questions to ask to determine exactly where our clients’ asbestos exposure came from and who is responsible. You will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you might have about the lawsuit process and lawsuit fees and costs.

Step 2. Pre-Lawsuit Medical and Defendant Investigation - If you decide to continue with the lawsuit process, we will immediately conduct extensive research into the history and viability of every possible defendant and their insurance companies. We will also immediately consult with a world-renowned pathologist medical doctor for the purpose of confirming your diagnosis and its relation to your asbestos exposure history.

Step 3. Venue Selection - There are usually numerous options for where to file our clients’ mesothelioma lawsuits. Using our extensive experience throughout Louisiana’s courts, we will select the venue that best serves our client’s interests in terms of expediency in trial settings, application of the law, and recent settlements and verdicts.

Step 4. Filing Your Lawsuit - Once we decide on venue, we will draft and file your lawsuit against the parties responsible for your mesothelioma. You, your spouse and children (if applicable) may have their own individual claims which can be filed in the same lawsuit.

Step 5. Preserving Your Testimony and Discovery - Depending on our clients’ medical condition, we often immediately videotape our clients’ testimony in the event that they are unable to testify at trial. We will also conduct “discovery” into any information the defendants might try to use to undermine your case. Discovery is conducted through a formal process set forth by law.

Step 6. Trial - The vast majority of mesothelioma lawsuits settle before trial. For this reason, and because persons with terminal illnesses are entitled to an expedited trial date, most of our clients receive a full recovery on their claims on an expeditious basis. We never sell our clients short in settlement negotiations, however, and always fully prepare your case as if it were going to trial. Our clients can rest assured that we have the experience, knowledge, manpower, resources and world-class experts to take your case to trial and through verdict in any Louisiana courtroom.

Step 7. Asbestos Trust Funds - Many asbestos manufacturers which cannot be sued due to bankruptcy have set up trust funds that award money to mesothelioma victims. The lawyers at Martzell, Bickford & Centola are intimately familiar with these trust funds and know exactly how to get those funds to our clients quickly.