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It is difficult to deal with a challenging legal matter when you do not feel like you have strong legal representation. At Martzell & Bickford, we want our clients to feel confident knowing that they have an experienced legal team working on their side. Our firm’s foundation is built on the idea that client service is a top priority.

We are an established law firm that represents clients in New Orleans and throughout the state of Louisiana. We handle many different types of legal cases, including asbestos, mesothelioma and lung cancer claims, legal malpractice, maritime law cases and more. Please visit our practice overview page to learn about the legal services our New Orleans mesothelioma attorneys provide.

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Legal issues are often taxing, presenting a great number of challenges. At Martzell & Bickford, we recognize and understand that when you come to our firm for help, you are trying to recover from a traumatic event. We are committed to achieving justice and maximizing the benefits and compensation our clients are entitled to. We have won our clients tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their suffering. Our team will listen intently to your side of the story and help educate you about the legal issues in your situation. The personalized, compassionate and diligent approach we take in representing our clients has earned us a positive reputation in the New Orleans community.

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Please contact the lawyers at Martzell & Bickford to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also reach us by phone at 504-662-1230 or toll free at 800-672-0104. We are here to help get you through the challenges associated with an injury or complicated legal issue. Off-site appointments are available to those who are too injured to come into our office. We are conveniently located in the Warehouse District.

Residents settle for $48 million in sinkhole lawsuit

News Of Interest

  • Xarelto Lawsuit

    Martzell & Bickford recently filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers and distributors of Xarelto for the wrongful death of a client. The client’s death was a direct result of taking Xarelto.

    Xarelto is a blood thinner (anticoagulant) used to reduce the risk of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with atrial fibrillation. However, unlike other blood thinners on the market, Xarelto lacks a reversal agent. Thus, if a patient develops an internal bleed, the blood cannot clot, and the bleeding can ultimately lead to death.

    If you or someone you know has taken Xarelto, or if you have any questions, please contact the attorneys at Martzell & Bickford.

  • Robert Kelley charges declined by Orleans Parish DA

    ALL CHARGES AGAINST TULANE UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL PLAYER ROBERT KELLEY HAVE BEEN DECLINED BY THE ORLEANS PARISH DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE. Kelley, a Tulane University senior and former starting running back for the Green Wave, is grateful to Leon Cannizzaro’s office who, after a thorough review of the charges brought by Tulane Campus Police, declined to prosecute the case. As has been maintained by Mr. Kelley since his arrest in August, there was credible evidence supporting Mr. Kelley’s version of events. Despite this unfortunate interruption in his life, Mr. Kelley looks forward to graduating from Tulane after this academic year and hopes to take the field soon with the Green Wave.

    Scott R. Bickford Attorney for Robert Kelley

    The New Orleans Advocate

    Tulane Hullabaloo

  • Lawrence J. Centola III receives the Louisiana Association for Justice President's Award

    Larry Centola was awarded the prestigious President’s Award during the Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Association of Justice. Mr. Centola was recognized for his contribution to the Acadian Ambulance judgment. The President’s award is granted by the LAJ sitting President and it began in 1971. The award is recognition for extraordinary contributions to the legal profession, society at large or for LAJ members who show support and involvement above and beyond.

  • Building 350, Michoud facility in New Orleans

    Employees of the USDA and other people who worked at the Michoud facility in Building 350 from 1981 – 1994may have been exposed to asbestos. Employees doing accounting, IT and other administrative office work, building maintenance and cleaning were housed in this building. Asbestos was spray applied as fire-proofing on top of the air conditioning ducts situated above a false ceiling. The address of building 350 is 13800 Old Gentilly Rd., New Orleans LA. Lockheed Martin and Beoing had the facility maintenance contract during certain years.

    If you or someone you know may have potentially been exposed to asbestos in the Michoud Plant, or who has developed lung cancer or mesothelioma, please call the law office of Martzell & Bickford and speak to Neil Nazareth, 504-581-9065

  • Crocidolite asbestos in Kent Cigarettes Warning

    Lorillard Co. launched the Kent cigarette in 1952 with a Micronite asbestos filter. The compan chose to use crocidolite asbestos as a filter material. Crocidolite asbestos is the most potent and toxic type of asbestos. Asbestos could be spun into tiny threads to act as an effective filter and was relatively cheap. These new filtered cigarettes were advertised as “the greatest health protection in cigarette history.”

    However, the asbestos fibers in the filter, if released into the lungs of the smoker, could be extremely harmful to the lungs and can cause mesothelioma and lung cancer. The filter also made the cigarette tougher to draw, which meant people were using more suction to breathe it in and could draw the asbestos deeper into their lungs if the asbestos fibers were released. Concern about the health hazards of smoking made smokers interested in filtered cigarettes, and Kent became very popular, with over 13 billion cigarettes sold before 1957 when they changed the filter composition to non-asbestos containing.

    Individuals most at risk are:

    • Consumers who smoked Kent cigarettes from 1952 through 1956
    • Workers employed at the Lorillard Tobacco Company factories in Jersey City, New Jersey, and Louisville, Kentucky
    • Those who worked at Hollinsworth & Vose Company (also called H&V Specialties) in West Groton and Rochdale, Massachusetts

    If you or a loved one was exposed to asbestos and/ or smoked Kent cigarettes and developed lung cancer or mesothelioma, please call Neil Nazareth at Martzell & Bickford, 504-581-9065

  • Martzell & Bickford Pleased to Announce Acadian Ambulance Class-Action a Judgment has been Reached

    NEW ORLEANS, LA-A judgment has been issued against Acadian Ambulance for illegally “balance billing” and liening patients. Acadian had a policy of not submitting a patients claim to the health insurance company (a violation of their contract with the health insurance company) and then liening the patient, the third party liability carrier and the patients attorney (a violation of LSA-R.S. 22:1874 et seq). The case was tried to Judge Mark Jeansonne of the 12th JDC in Avoyelles parish. Larry Centola, of Martzell & Bickford, is representing the class of plaintiffs. Mr. Centola has substantial experience and much success in representing the interests of Plaintiffs in other similar, complex litigations. Judge Jeansonne ruled against Acadian Ambulance. With interest and restitution of collection of payments, the total damages are around $17,000,000.

    For more information about the current judgment please contact Larry Centola at (504) 581-9065

  • Scott Bickford has been Appointed Co-Special Master in the Childhood Lead Poisoning Case of Billieson.

    The Court asked Mr. Bickford and James Williams to oversee the allocation of millions of dollars of damages among class members and the division of attorney fees among class counsel.

    This lawsuit is about whether lead present in HANO’s public housing developments harmed the people who lived, stayed, or visited there. The lawsuit also said that many children who were exposed to lead developed learning, reading, growth, hearing, physical, cognitive, and behavioral problems, as well as permanent brain damage, and some possibly died as a result. The organizations and companies they sued are, HANO, C.J. Brown Property Management, Inc., C.J. Brown Public Housing, Inc., VentanaProperty Management, Inc., and Ventana Public Housing Management, Inc., and their insurance companies.

    For more information about the current settlement or about the Billieson Lead Poisoning case contact one of our attorneys at the Law Office of Martzell and Bickford: (504) 581-9065.

  • Larry Centola III, of Martzell & Bickford Law Firm, Appointed to Plaintiffs' Steering Committee Handling the Bayou Corne Sinkhole Lawsuits

    NEW ORLEANS, LA, – On December 5, 2012, a federal judge in New Orleans appointed the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (“PSC”) in the Bayou Corne Sinkhole lawsuit. The Court ordered that all plaintiffs are directed to act through the PSC for all issues requiring the Court’s attention. Members of the PSC have been at the forefront of this litigation since the first filings. Larry Centola III, Esq., of Martzell & Bickford has been appointed to the PSC. Mr. Centola has substantial experience and much success in representing the interests of Plaintiffs in other similar, complex litigations. The Bayou Corne Sinkhole lawsuit involves potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of victims. Texas Brine LLC is involved in the Bayou Corne sinkhole incident.

    10/31/13 – To read the article and view the video The Verge published on the progress, or lack thereof in dealing with the sinkhole, and the impact it has had on the residents of Assumption Parish click here:

    For more information about the current settlement or about the Bayou Corne Sinkhole litigation, contact one of our attorneys at the Law Office of Martzell and Bickford: (504) 581-9065.

  • BP Oil Spill Claims

    On March 2, 2012, a fund of $7.8 billion dollars was created by BP under court supervision of Federal Judge Carl Barbier. It’s worth noting that there is NO cap placed on this amount. If BP needs to pay more than $7.8 billion to compensate businesses and individuals who have incurred losses because of the oil spill, they are obliged to add money to the settlement fund.

    The settlement will pay both economic loss claims to both business and individuals that were a result of the oil spill. In addition, property owners in the scat line (Property adjacent to the coast) will be entitled to additional compensation. Lastly, individuals who suffered medical problems associated with the oil spill can now recover compensation.

    For more information about the current settlement or about the BP Oil Spill litigation, contact Spencer Doody at the Law Office of Martzell and Bickford: (504) 581-9065.

  • Chinese Drywall Settlement

    U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon approved five class-action settlements that call for a Chinese drywall manufacturer and others to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to repair homes damaged by the product, attorneys for thousands of Gulf Coast property owners. Fallon’s order certified settlements for Interior/Exterior Building Supply, LP; Banner; L&W Supply Corp.; Knauf and Global participating builders, suppliers and installers. The product was used in the construction of 12,000 to 20,000 homes and businesses after a series of destructive hurricanes in 2005 and before the housing bubble burst. The problems it has caused range from a foul odor to corrosion of pipes and wiring.

    For more information about the current Chinese Drywall Settlement, contact Spencer Doody at the Law Office of Martzell and Bickford: (504) 581-9065.

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