Favorable Settlement For Rare Lung Cancer

May 15, 2015

Exposure to asbestos can cause a rare form of lung cancer other than mesothelioma.

Exposure to asbestos can cause a rare form of lung cancer other than mesothelioma.

We just reached a favorable settlement for a client diagnosed with pseudomesotheliomatous adenocarcinoma, a rare cancer that can be caused by exposure to asbestos. Our client was a life long insulator and worked for various insulation contractors across the United States. We successfully beat motions to dismiss the case filed by several defendants.

Pseudomesotheliomatous adenocarcinoma is a form of lung cancer but is not mesothelioma. Many people diagnosed with pseudomesotheliomatous adenocarcinoma have been exposed to asbestos, either through their hands on work with asbestos-containing products or by working closely with someone that handled asbestos-containing products.

Pseudomesothiomatous lung cancer study:

Pseudomesotheliomatous lung cancers arise from the pleural tissue of the chest cavity. Asbestos fiber concentrations in 20 cases of pseudomesotheliomatous lung cancer were evaluated in a study to determine if a concentration of asbestos in the lung tissue was linked. 17 of the 20 cases were positive for asbestos bodies. An earlier study of 55 individuals who died from mesothelioma was also compared.

Most of the individuals in both groups worked at some point in their lives with exposure to asbestos. Tumors in the group of 20 individuals who were studied did not meet the criteria of mesothelioma but were rather classified as pseudomesothelioma.

Analysis of Asbestos Concentration in 20 Cases of Pseudomesotheliomatous Lung Cancer

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