Arrested for a Crime in Louisiana?

Our New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Strengthen Your Defense

Criminal LawMartzell, Bickford, & Centola has been defending clients charged with criminal offenses for more than 30 years. These criminal charges range from misdemeanor offenses to state felony charges and even federal crimes. Our team of criminal defense attorneys approach each criminal case with the sensitivity and seriousness that our clients truly deserve. Our experienced New Orleans criminal defense attorneys zealously represent our clients through each stage of their criminal proceedings with a focus on their futures and individualized goals.

Without a New Orleans criminal defense lawyer on your side, it can be difficult to create a compelling argument for your defense. As a result, you can face severe limitations to your freedom and liberty. Professional licenses, educational grants, government housing programs, employment, gun ownership and voting rights can be diminished, removed, or lost altogether. If you are charged with a crime in New Orleans, then our NOLA lawyer can work to strengthen your defense.

The New Orleans law firm of Martzell, Bickford & Centola represents individuals in a wide range of criminal cases. Our local criminal defense lawyer can work to reduce or dismiss the charges against you. With a team of experts, we can scrutinize evidence, analyze reports and cross-examine witnesses. If necessary, our criminal defense attorney can negotiate with prosecutors and use pretrial measures to protect your best interests. Our success stems from our experience handling New Orleans criminal defense. If you or someone you know was arrested during Mardi Gras, while a student at Tulane University or Loyola University, attending a sporting event, or any other circumstance, we can help.


When Do I Need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Government data shows that there is a wide range of criminal activity in New Orleans. As a result, Martzell, Bickford & Centola stay up-to-date on defense options for all crimes. However, the most common charges involve drinking and drug offenses. A reason these offenses are so prevalent is due to the thriving festival scene in New Orleans. Students, music enthusiasts, art fans and professionals traveling for conferences visit the city year-round. Large events like Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest, Buku and Essence Festival are especially popular with tourists.

As a result of traffic through the city, both locals and tourists face unique challenges. For example, you may be visiting from out of town and find yourself in an unfortunate circumstance out of your control. Confusion during the events that lead to your arrest that can lead to defense strategies. Some common crimes our New Orleans criminal defense attorney handles involve:

  • DUI: Depending on the details of your arrest, we may be able to reduce or dismiss charges. Charges can range from vehicular homicide to defending New Orleans traffic violations. Our DWI defense lawyer may challenge field sobriety tests, as they are not always accurate.
  • Drug Offenses: Just being near an individual using or selling illegal drugs can result in allegations. For example, drug paraphernalia charges are common. Our firm defends against claims of possession, possession with the intent to distribute, manufacturing, using and delivering of controlled substances.
  • Criminal Damage to Property: Causing damage to someone else’s property can quickly escalate from a misdemeanor to a felony based solely on the value of the property damaged. In a city known for encouraging the excesses of life, accidents happen. Our firm is experienced in establishing that accidents lack the criminal intent required to have an accident stick with you.
  • Assault and Battery: Threatening a person can result in an assault charge. These charges put one person’s word against another’s. We can communicate to the court details that show that is not who you are.
  • White Collar Crimes: These cases require extensive knowledge of the law. We can help you build a defense against bribery, copyright infringement, and money laundering and embezzlement charges.
  • Theft: Stealing unattended property, shoplifting, larceny and other theft charges can damage your reputation. We have experience in defending a wide range of these charges
  • Other Crimes: Our New Orleans criminal defense lawyer can help with a wide range of charges. These can involve a felony, misdemeanor, juvenile crime, federal offenses, or Medicare fraud.

What Does a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

Overall, being a defense attorney means making sure an arrest does not define the rest of your life. Therefore, our New Orleans criminal law firm uses experience and reliable strategies to try to mitigate your risk. As soon as you contact us after an arrest, our New Orleans lawyers can help. For instance, law enforcement may intimidate you to confess or say something against your best interests. Or prosecutors may try to pressure you by trumping up charges. A lawyer that handles criminal charges can help make sure you do not unknowingly incriminate yourself.

Our New Orleans criminal defense attorney can help bring you immediate protection by building a strong case. With a team of experts, we can scrutinize evidence and determine if any entity broke the law during your arrest. Under some cases, we may be able to identify an error with your arrest that can help bring immediate results. Our success stems from defending the accused for over 30 years. We understand how the Louisiana court system works and can use it to draft a strong defense.

Arrested for a Crime in New Orleans? Contact Us for a Free Consultation

Have you been arrested for a criminal offense while visiting New Orleans? Alternatively, do you believe local law enforcement is trumping up charges against you? Unfortunately, some people find themselves unfairly targeted by law enforcement. As a result, district attorneys can have substantial leverage over unprepared defendants. You might unknowingly relinquish your legal rights and/or be offered an unfair plea bargain. No matter the charges, our New Orleans criminal defense attorney has the experience to build a defense in your best interests.

We can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. If necessary, we interview all parties that are involved and arrange for witness testimony on your behalf. If you need immediate options for reducing or eliminating your charges and penalties, we can negotiate with prosecutors. The best way to protect yourself is to act now and contact a legal professional. Call Martzell, Bickford & Centola now at (504) 581-9065 or contact us through our website.

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