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How a DUI Could Affect Your College Career

Posted by Dennis Danos | Nov 09, 2018 | 0 Comments

Drinking and Driving Arrest in New Orleans

Unfortunately, a DUI charge in Louisiana could affect a student's college career in more ways than one. In addition to sentencing requirements, you could also face future implications.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

A single DUI charge should not affect a student's eligibility for federal financial aid. However, an extra charge, such as a drug-related offense, could result in revocation.

Private scholarships and financial aid have unique policies. Depending on the policy, a student could have their scholarship taken away. A student may need to disclose any criminal charges in a scholarship application. Since a DUI charge is a criminal offense in Louisiana, this includes DUIs. A DUI charge could work against you in a close scholarship decision. If a student depends on their scholarship to pay for school, a DUI could cause serious complications.

Class Attendance

For a first-time offense in Louisiana, a DUI could land a person in jail for at least 48 hours. Depending on the situation, a person could receive up to six months in jail. A jail sentence could make attending classes impossible. This could result in a semester absence.

Also, license suspension could make it more difficult for a student to get to campus. A student may be more likely to miss class if they have to rely on other forms of transportation. This could result in poor grades or class suspension.

Current Job

Many college students balance classes with work. In fact, many students rely on the income of a part-time or full-time job to get them through college. If you have your license suspended after a DUI charge, it could make it more difficult to get to work. In addition, potential jail time, court-ordered community service hours and a substance abuse program could complicate your work schedule, These DUI implications could result in wage losses or job loss. A DUI charge could also result in job loss if the position requires driving.

Future Education

Students who plan to apply for higher education may have to disclose a DUI offense on their applications. While one DUI offense may not affect a student's acceptance, multiple offenses could. Also, failure to disclose a DUI charge on an application could result in application denial.

Career Goals

Many job applications ask about crime convictions. In Louisiana, a DUI charge is criminal. A first and second offense DUI is a misdemeanor. If a job application does not ask, the employer could find it during a background check. A DUI charge could impact a person's chances of receiving the job.

Also, many specialized career paths may be out of the question. For example, nursing licenses and law licenses could be difficult to obtain. If a student has met degree requirements for a specialized career path, a DUI charge could complicate that. A student may need to rethink their career goals and it could postpone their graduation date.

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